email sent to me mistakenly

  1. i hope you are feeling fine this hangover....i really enjoyed talking with you last night...we will have to do it again real soon...have a great day....

  2. Subject : Date : Sun, 12 Aug 2001 10:42:11 +0200 Attachment : Oli.jpg (106k), penis.jpg (67k)

  3. desole mais tu m'as peut etre pas reconnu etant donne que j'ai change de pseudo c'est fred 206cc!! tu m'en dis un peu plus !!! bisous !!! ecris moi sur mon nouveau pseudo ok

  4. Hey. I am obviously really mad and just seems like you do stuff like this to me on purpose and thats what really upsets me. I REALLY like you, especially for not talking to you all that much recently....and I swear right before I got online I was thinking about you and hoping you were online and then one of the first things you said was your with another guy or whatever. This has really made me not ever want to go out with you even more cause I dont want you to do something like this while we were going out. Its just frustrating I guess cause I really thought we were gonna have something. I gtg. Write back if you want. Charlie

  5. Just a quick note to say 'hi!' Hope you had a good day on Friday. We all really enjoyed it, although i feel sad to be leaving Newcastle and everyone there. I remembered your email address, so thought i'd send you mine and hope we can keep in touch. Was looking forward to a quiet week, although already have one job interview on Thursday for a part time job at the Careers Service - wish me luck!!! Part time means the money isn't great, although it'll give me time to do something i've wanted to do for a long time - Victim Support Volunteering. Thats right, i've been influenced by all those lectures by Pam Davies...!!! I'll sign off now before i bore you to death, but will try to keep you posted, especially if i plan on venturing over to Scouserland!!! If you have email addresses for anyone else from Northumbria, it would be appreciated if you could send them to me. Take care and hope to see you soon - Helenx.

  6. how are you???I 'm fine ,now I'm in China already,I met my father my mother and my friends,I 'm very happy,how about you ,did you like work in the Brooke House????? I miss you so much!!! love from:jojo

  7. Hello ! It's me !!! What's your new work e-mail address ?? mail me at home as I leave this dump on Monday YIPPEEEEEE see you soon Sam xxxx

  8. J'ai 25 ans, j'habite à Paris, et j'ai trouvé ton message bien sympathique! Je serais râvi de te prendre en main et en bouche... Je suis très excité à l'idée de pouvoir lécher tes cuisses, ta chatte et surtout ton trou du cul que je voudrais voir exploser dans ma bouche... J'adore tous les jeux avec la merde! Moi-même je joui beaucoup plus quand je chie en même temps que j'éjacule... Après ça j'adorerais t'enculer et éjaculer dans ta jolie bouche. Je te propose de nous rencontrer! Je suis prêt à tout et même un peu plus! Bien amicalement, Jean-Philippe

  9. Bonsoir, le message des roses m,est revenu et je vous les ai envoyer avec le @ Bonne st-valentin

  10. Surprise! You've just received a Yahoo! Greeting from "Aunt Mary Alice"

  11. carat agradecimiento un besooooooooo Ana

  12. Hello, I got your details from a ’hotmail/Yahoo’ search - I expect you have had lots of replies so I won’t say all that much. I hope I fit your requirements and we can fix something up. I’m only around for a few weeks with my exhibition (I paint and sculpt) - and I always like to meet new ladies - you may even like to come and see my work! Anyway, if you want to think about it please send me an email and perhaps we can swap a few emails and see how it goes. If you want my phone number Etc. I can send it to you. I would like to see your picture (if possible) and have a few more details. I only know your location ! Here is my pic p I hope tou like it! Lets hope! Love Giles

  13. SURVEY WITH A TWIST YOU fill in the blanks about ME and send it back to me. But first send a blank one out to all your friends so they can return the favor to you. Be honest, they're really cool to get back, you might findout something you missed before. [survey deleted]

  14. Here is the news item from the free paper. I have typed it out as well as sending you a photo copy. "Families make ice rink a hit A Town centre ice rink has been such a hit with skaters that it is staying open for an extra week. Sedgefield Borough Council has announced that it is keeping the rink open until next Friday as a thank you to the 3000 people who have so far taken to the ice. Phil Ball, head of leisure services, said 'It has been a major success and is certainly something we hope to do again. 'What has been a pleasure is seeing families taking part together and thoroughly enjoying themselves' The rink is open from 10am daily." Don