1. i tried to make this yarn into a scarf three different times, and three times i failed. now it is on its way to becoming an experimental sweater for sophie
    sweater for sophie [details]

  2. first attempt at something wearable for an adult
    tank top

  3. striped shell
    striped shell [details]

  4. giant needles!
    sweater for sophie

  5. it's a sweater! from sock yarn!
    sock yarn sweater for me

  6. my first adult cardigan
    cardigan [details]

  7. chickami
    chickami [details]

  8. tove's sitcom chic
    sitcom chic

  9. big sack
    big sack sweater [details]

  10. mom k's cardigan
    mom k's cardigan

  11. julia's cardigan
    julia's cardigan [details]

  12. mini 1 skein wonder
    mini 1 skein wonder

  13. rosedale cardi - the olympic challenge
    rosedale cardi - the olympic challenge

  14. blue 1 skein wonder
    am i blue 1 skein wonder

  15. tiana's brown leaf shrug
    brown leaf shrug

  16. tiana's pink cami
    pink cami

  17. wooly mammoth shrug
    wooly mammoth shrug

  18. chunky monkey green jungle cardigan
    chunky monkey green jungle cardigan

  19. stormfire's sweater
    stormfire's sweater

  20. sackier
    big sack sweater, sackier