green.girl knitting: commentary

31 january 2016 halfway

halfway through the hat.

and though it is difficult to see in this picture, i am on pink number 2. i think my dreams of three basically even stripes might becone a reality.

30 january 2016 the other side

i have indeed lost interest in the bootie.

the shower is next month, though, so i have plenty of time. and i am using that time to start a new project and plan for another.

i refuse to use its nom de guerre, but a very good friend of mine from guam asked nicely if i would please knit her a cat hat as she was envious of all those she had seen at various marches. and because i love her, i am making an effort to override my distaste for the new name of the hat and many aspects of the marches and am knitting away. it is acrylic since wool is not pacific island friendly and i thought cotton might be too heavy. it will be three different colors of pink -- probably pretty broad stripes based on how it looks in the ball. if i am lucky, they will each work out to be a third of the height. the pattern calls for knitting flat and seaming but not gonna go there -- i'd rather knit in the round and then graft.

the in-planning project is a shawl for my daughter using some fingering weight yarn i recently found in the colorway "Castiel." obviously, it's going to need some sort of feather action...

26 january 2016 matching pair

thought i would just whip out the second bootie.

which i did. and then realized i made a stitch error on the sole of the first bootie when i put it next to the second. so...unknitting and then reknitting the first.

rather a pain in the neck to unknit the tiny stitches, especially that first cast-off row but it is only about 16 rows total so hopefully i won't lose interest before it is done.

12 january 2016 baby it's cold outside

it has been cold here.

and my feet have been cold. really cold.

so, like any good knitter, i turned to my knitted creations: the latest wool knitted socks + wool felted slippers = warm feet.

or so you'd think; feet are still cold.

maybe i need to add a third layer...

02 january 2016 tiny feet

happy new year!

i wanted a good start to the new year so i decided to go ahead and add a set of booties to the little bonnet i made last month. actually, the bonnet is all knit but not sewn up and has no ties, but all that can be easily remedied in an hour or less.

i always forget how small newborn feet are. ridiculously small, ridiculously cute.

december 2016