green.girl knitting: commentary

31 january 2018

i know it's getting bigger but it doesn't really look like it is getting bigger...

and i just did the math -- 2 rows a night will not allow me to finish all three shawls by june 1, my target date. i'm going to have to be more creative about finding time to get in extra rows. it would be lovely if work were not consuming upwards of 60 hours a week, but it is what it is right now.

and by right now, i mean at least through july...

26 january 2018

waiting for the child allows a few more rows.

i was hoping cloudy natural lighting would give a better sense of the true colors but this is still not a good representation.

the dark blue seems to get completely lost in these pictures.

25 january 2018

six more rows.

i'm trying to commit to at least two rows a night; probably won't happen but it's nice to have a goal. so far, i think i am on track for that, on average.

24 january 2018

too much working at home in the evenings, not enough knitting.

but i did just click clack through another increase row, and four rows past it. i left the increases open, to make little holes, because they remind me of music notes and this is a musically themed knit.

15 january 2018

cat has inspected the knitting and i have her tentative approval.

what she doesn't approve of is my refusal to let her bat at the needles.

14 january 2018

starting to look as though it might be on its way to being something.

i'm striving for a better knitting/reading balance this year, hoping to knit at least a row or two each night before i pickup the night's book.

09 january 2018

doesn't look like much yet, but it's a start.

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