green.girl knitting: commentary

17 july 2017

my favorite type of souvenir.

one skein each of yarn from australian and new zealand sheep (with a little nz possum thrown in): bellisimo ashton 80% australian superwash merino wool/20% nylon [color: green], and naturally handknit yarns amuri 75% pure new zealand merino/25% possum [shade: 4025].

the first is a sock weight, the second dk, and i have no idea what i will knit with either of them.

the aged ladies in line with me couldn't understand why i'd buy wool here when there is so much in the states, but the shopkeeper understood.

14 july 2017

mindless vacation knitting, round and round and round and round for at least six inches before i even have to think at all...

the small child is insistent that it 'crumple' appropriately at the nape of the neck, so she'll have to try it on once it is of an appropriate length to make sure it meets her needs.

11 july 2017

new project started, with a little help from mary.

sophia asked for a link hat, and as carolyn said the one her mother knit her got too heavy to wear, i thought i'd try using sock yarn to keep the weight to a minimum.

of course, that also means a lot more stitches.

my stitch marker is part of a set i got from ginny sheller -- i love using them when i am knitting for others, to be mindful and add in prayers with every stitch.

10 july 2017

it's all over but the blocking, which will have to wait until we return home.

now, to cast on the next project. what will it be?

08 july 2017

i was hoping to finish binding off the shawl tonight but i don't think my hands have it in them right now.

it is winter here, and the house is cold, and i think the way i am sleeping is contributing to the ache in my hands. no worries, a little bit here and a little bit there, and it will soon enough be done.

in the meantime, i can watch the tour de france, live, in the evenings!

06 july 2017

indulging in my beloved cherry ripe whilst knitting a few rows before bed.

we are walking like crazy people, 12000 steps a day whenever we've been out, so i don't feel too badly about indulging in the foods i miss, and those that are difficult to get at home: cherry ripe, meat pies and sausage rolls, lemon lime and bitters...

05 july 2017

the current state of the international shawl: it's been knit in the united states, canada, new zealand, and will hopefully be finished in australia.

it somehow looks so small and insubstantial lying on the floor, but it is a bit of an illusion.

it's cold here in the airbnb cottage and when it is sitting across my legs, it definitely keeps me plenty warm, so hopefully it will do the same around my neck when it is winter at home.

june 2017