green.girl knitting: commentary

20 june 2016 nothing

for the first time in a very long time, i have nothing on the needles.

it is great for my book count, as i've been a reading fool, but i think it might be time to pick up the yarn again. i have two things in progress that have been stalled for a while -- a pair of socks and a blanket for my husband; make that three projects, there is also a crocheted blanket that could use a little attention. the knit blanket is at the office, but it should probably come home if it ever wants a chance at full-on blanket-dom. i know where the bag with the crochet kit is as well. the sock? not so much...

time for a treasure hunt...

03 june 2016 hug

the virtual hug is in the mail, on it's way across the country.

it's funny how different the color looks, even in pictures taken in the same room, within minutes of each other. a small change in angle is all it takes.

it has quite a nice drape for being worsted weight, and i think it will be a good size for her. on me, it makes a perfect shoulder warmer, hitting elbow length and staying put with little effort. it should be even roomier on her.

i love the leaves, though i don't think the pattern handled the growth of the pattern very well along the spine. i expect there are other patterns that handle it better; i should look for one. maybe. maybe not -- so many shawl patterns, so little time.

now to settle on the next project. perhaps some more crocheted squares are in order.

02 june 2016 blocked

it always amazes me how the minute you get a piece of knitting wet it grows and grows.

i brought the blocking kit to work, to take advantage of both the tables in our largest conference room, and the extremely dry air blowing through the hvac. bonus: i didn't have to crawl on the ground; i could sit and pin, spinning the mats as required.

i could probably have blocked it even a little larger, but i was running out of space and time. i set it all up early in the morning and it was dry and ready to go mid-afternoon.

no one minded me doing it in the office, and that room is rarely used, so i might use it more often. i have at least one other shawl that needs it.

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