green.girl knitting: commentary

24 april 2016 a hug

one of the few coworkers i honestly truly like has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

she lives on the opposite coast, so i cannot be there for her in the way i would like to be, so i am knitting her a shawl because it is the next best thing to giving her a hug.

i using a bright, but not garish, purple, and am using worsted weight yarn, superwash, so i can knit it up quickly and it will be big and lovely, and she can just throw it in the washer and dryer. she doesn't need to worry about handwashing right now...

23 april 2016 blanketed

the baby is still a baby, which is good because i am about to deliver him a baby blanket.


my knitting time has been virtually non-existant. i really need to find a way to change that, as i find i am a much calmer and nicer person when i have regular yarn time. whether it be knitting or crocheting, or any sort of handwork, really, it is good for me. i'll have to strike a bargain, i fear, with the part of me that also needs to read as it has been rather selfish of late.

in any event, i set a goal of 10 rows a night [which may be my permanent solution to the aforementioned problem], no matter what, and finally finished.

11 april 2016 moth? cat? random knife?

a number of weeks ago, i finally blocked the multnomah shawl i finished last year.

it blocked out wonderfully, growing to a good size for a nice shawlette, perfect to keep my shoulder warms.

it also blocked out evidence of something having a go at it; 3 holes.

i don't even know. maybe moths? though i have no evidence. cat? she usually snags, not breaks. random knife or scissor? could be, i throw a lot of cutting instruments into bags when i am grabbing projects. weak yarn? whatever...

i'll have to find the tiny ball of leftovers to darn it. or maybe there is enough yarn in the ends i have yet to trim to do the job. i thought about needle felting over it or around the edges, but i should probably just bite the bullet and fix it properly before fall returns. i'm rather terrible at darning socks, maybe i'll be better at shawls.

now to inspect all the rest of the knits lying around...

march 2016