green.girl knitting: commentary

26 october 2017

and another one bites the dust. not lacy enough...

i think i'd best suss out some sort of mesh pattern to make the child happiest.

25 october 2017

rather than reknit the last grey and purple mitt, new mitts!

okay, same pattern, but different leftovers; green was requested.

playing chicken with the amount of yarn i have but sometimes you have to live on the edge.

21 october 2017

this is, apparently, the week where i rip back mitts.

can't blame this one on the plane, pure and utter me, dropping stitches and not noticing and then fumbling everything in an attempt to fix it.

at least it can be reworked quickly.

18 october 2017

you know it is going to be a challenging morning when you pull out the knitting and discover all the bouncing around in the suitcase dislodged 2 of 3 needles and most of their stitches.

time to start over...

13 october 2017

finished the first grey mitt.

and started a lacy blue mitt.

it is going to be mitt central around here for a while, i think.

11 october 2017

so much faster than a blanket or three foot long hat.

10 october 2017

the rarely sighted work knitting.

sometimes it is better i knit during particularly contentious meetings, even those that might not seem contentious on the surface, with everything happening in the undercurrents; it constantly amazes me how these things aren't noticed by many of my coworkers, resulting in startled surprise when announcements finally surface.

in any event, best to keep hands busy and mouth shut.

09 october 2017

gonna whip up a pair of mini mitts while deciding on my next project.

i have leftovers from the last baby blanket and i feel the need to use them up.

08 october 2017

this last bit is ultra-fiddly. using two tiny circulars to finish it up but it is a challenge to my fumbly fingers...

and then:

done! a little soak and a dry and it will be ready for the glamor shot. it reaches just about to the small of the not at all small child's back

05 october 2017

down to 30 stitches before i'll have to start the second skein.

there will be many yards left. socks? shawl? wristlets? long fingerless gloves?

04 october 2017

another hazard of knitting outside: i keep blinding myself as the stainless steel needles reflect the afternoon sun.

they are amazingly good at directing the light directly into my eye, no matter how i twist and turn and try to shelter them with my shadow.

on the other hand, rows are going very quickly now, thank goodness. and i am improving my knitting-by-touch skills...

03 october 2017

i can see the difference in gauge where i switched to double point needles, a size or two smaller than the circulars.

but, when the hat is blocked and on a head, no one else will notice. i hope.

september 2017