green.girl knitting: commentary

27 november 2016 bene gesserit

and we're done!

it is so smooshy and so warm and so big! big enough to properly wrap around my shoulders and arm and chest all at once, ensuring it will actually keep large parts of me warm when i wear it. often times this is not the case, as i am large and most shawl patterns are written for an average sized person. yes, i could make them larger but sometimes that takes math and more often that takes more yarn than i have. i don't mind shawlettes, but for the dead of winter, this is going to be brilliant.

i need to take a better picture of it, showing all the happy stripes and the semi-random groups of holes, but this photo makes me laugh, especially since a friend called me a bene gesserit after seeing it.

25 november 2016 and then there was one

final color.

now to make some sort of estimate as to how many rows i can get out of it and still have enough yarn to bind off. if i were a more organized person, i'd measure how much it takes to knit a row and go from there, but i think i will just fly by the seat of my pants...

23 november 2016 three is a magic number

only three stripes left to go.

i've had some car knitting time on tuesdays and wednesdays as i've been picking up the child from school, and i get there early so i have a parking space. it is a madhouse at dismissal with both the middle school and high school kids flooding out at once, and ninety thousand parents in cars trying to grab a good portion of them.

20 november 2016 finally

i finally fixed the holes in this shawl.

and i kind of hate it, especially in this photo. but, truth be told, when i am wearing it, it is barely noticeable and that is all that matters. the holes will not expand, the stitches will not unknit and i can wear it about my shoulders to stay warm now that the temperatures are heading down.

i think if i had darned it from the other side it would have been less noticable, but i just dove in without thinking too much about it. lesson learned...

16 november 2016 skinnier

the stripes are gradually getting thinner and thinner.

there is a distinct possibility this will be done this month. that would be lovely, just in time for winter.

in other winter news, i saw today a post about the Opal Yarn 2016 Advent Calendar. i didn't even know such a thing existed! and i was very excited and i tracked it down and put it in my shopping cart and almost hit the checkout button. and then i realized i don't need any more yarn. i can actually make myself a yarn advent calendar if i really want the thrill of looking at 24 days of yarn. maybe i'll do that -- either a giant one with full size sock skeins, or a mini one with leftover sock yarn mini-skeins. if i did the latter, i could probably knit it up each night and have some sort of scrappy thing at the end of it all...

12 november 2016 escape

too many people are either crying or gloating right now.

me? i am hunkered down with knitting and hallmark christmas movies.

life is too short to let things completely out of my control take over my life.

07 november 2016 a few more rows

i thought i'd have more time to knit today.

the child had to take some college placement exams for running start, and the time frame given was about 1.5 - 2 hours. and she finished in just over 30 minutes.

even a few rows help, though. i am going to try to stay focused and find all the little bits of time available so this gets done in the near future.

october 2016