green.girl knitting: commentary

25 august 2014 stitching

24 squares, all crocheted and accounted for.

i was going to block prior to sewing them together, but the thought of trying to find a place to do it, and pinning out all those corners defeated me. i am the blocking wuss...

halfway through, and i'll work on it evenings this week so the deadline will be met. and then? then i shall bind off the bloody blue shawl.

11 august 2014 torque

i've always used boye aluminum hooks for crochet.

i'm pretty sure that's what i started with as a child, and it's what i stuck with. i like the colors, and the way it feels in my hand. but i'd seen some with a fatter barrel, and wondered if it would reduce the strain on the hands and wrist, so i bought one, just to see. it is also boye, though the packaging had branded it as 'the crochet guy', or something like that.

and....pretty sure i'll stick with the old school. i realize some of it is just general unfamiliarity, and i might like it better if i stuck with it for a while, but it just doesn't feel 'right' -- it feels rather alien, and i found myself trying all sorts of different grasps to make it feel more natural, which exacerbated the torque, rather than alleviated it. there's really no point in making things worse, now, is there.

and so, after two squares, i went back to my old hook. much better. i am more than halfway through the squares, so looks like this project won't be quite as under the wire as the last two. that's a good thing.

08 august 2014 squared

it is time for project three from camp loopy: "The Challenge for Project Three - Make a project using one of your favorite colors - a color that makes you happy. (You can use other colors as well - the project doesn't have to be just one single color.) This third project must have a minimum of 800 yards, used in one project."

so, green, obviously. but what to make? my friend donna has been knitting granny squares of late, and it made me nostalgic for the ones i'd knit so many years ago. i did the hexagon thing for my mother's blanket, but there is something so satisfying about the simple granny square. that calls to me in a way few ther crochet projects do.

so, six-round squares. they are about 5 1/4 inches pre-blocking and i am getting six per skein. i might be able to get a seventh, but i'll see if i need to go there. right now i am thinking a lap blanket. and then, as i have the time and the yarn, i can add to it, until it is queen-sized. jim has been wanting a new blanket for the bed, and think this might be the beginning.

july 2014