green.girl knitting: commentary

27 february 2017 night moves

i've been cold and stressed all day.

now that i am home and warm, a little knitting to fleetwood mac. because sometimes your musical self feels the need for some throwback tunes...

20 february 2017

casting on the long edge of a shawl is tedious and a counting challenge. but it is all plateaus and downhills from now on.

this is a half-pi shawl, worked from the bottom to the top, so all the heavy lifting will come at the beginning. which, hopefully, will spur me to knit quickly in the hopes of getting to the shorter rows as soon as possible.

293 stitches and we are off!

pattern is Wings for Nightbird, from knitty.

18 february 2017 winding

getting ready for the next knitting project -- ball winder/swift fun ahoy!

the cat has a love/hate relationship with the ball winder/swift maneuver -- she hates the sound but loves the motion -- so it can be a bit of a challenge.

14 february 2017 shipped

i took all the gift knitting to the office so i could mail it out.

final glamor-less shots:

and BOOM! out of my world and into theirs...

13 february 2017 modeled

the cat hat, as modeled by the small child.

11 february 2017 finishing touches

i've been doing a lot of knitting in the car.

the small child is going to the college gym at night for pe credit through the running start program at her high school, so i've had 45-60 minutes on those evenings to knit while waiting for her. tonight i wove in all the ends of the booties, which are in fact this color of purple. huzzah for natural light!

and then i knit little i-cord ties for the bonnet! and wove in all the ends too. so productive...

05 february 2017 done and done

tonight was finishing night!

first were the booties; second bootie was finally reknit to match the first, and they are so tiny and adorable and much more purple than this very bad picture demonstrates. unfortunately, the woman for whom these were knit was just laid off, so i don't know how i will get them, and the bonnet, to her.

then, onto the hat!

knit purl purl knit: the kitchener grafting mantra. one i get into the rhythm, it's not so bad.

04 february 2017 the end

it's all done but the grafting.

i'll need to find a needle first. and waiting for better light is probably a good idea if i don't want to mess things up.

and i don't want to mess things up.

01 february 2017 in the pink

a sunny day in february.

it was amazingly warm and toasty in the car as i was waiting for the small child to be released from school, and i managed to get quite a few rounds of knitting in.

i reckon i am about 3/4 of the way done, now. the final shade of pink has worked its way into the mix and though it won't be as wide a stripe as the first two, pretty sure it is going to turn out just fine.

january 2017