green.girl knitting: commentary

29 august 2016 for my pleasure

10 inches.

i just measured the first sock's leg, to see how much ribbing i'll need to be knitting, and it is pretty close to 10 inches.

there are times i wish i were a much smaller person; knitting is definitely one of those times. i'd finish far more items for myself if they didn't all need to be giant sized...

21 august 2016 turn turn turn

during our vacation road trip we scheduled a down day in reno.

it was a good plan for many reasons, not the least of which was i had a couple of hours of calm and quiet to turn the heel on the poor second sock. i did find the recording with the notes on how i'd turned heel one, using the shadow wrap technique for short rows, and i think heel two came out even better.

so, now some more stockinette until it is time to start the ribbing for the leg.

july 2016