green.girl knitting: commentary

29 december 2017

i had myself a merry little christmas.

3/5's of my immediate family were sick or ailing, and we had an unexpected white christmas, which was beautiful but caused issues with driving to and fro, and still...wonderful. i love my family. i like my family. as i age, i discover these things are not universally true; i am blessed.

and spoiled! even though knitting has been a little low-key of late, i still received knitting related gifts. first, from my mama, these holders for double points. i really need these as i am always losing one or two out of a set of four or five. now to go on the great neede hunt and put them all safely away. easier said than done...

and my beloved husband gave me this lovely wooden knitting bowl. i have a beautiful ceramic one as well but i'm always afraid i am going to break it with all the shifting about from location to location; it is a sit quietly in one place bowl. this one can hit the road with me. now, to wind this skein into a ball and cast on...

if all goes according to plan, it will be the first of three matching lyrica euterpe shawls.

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