green.girl knitting: commentary

24 september 2016 again

i should listen to my fingers. and to my brain.

when i start to think i should stop knitting, that is the time to stop knitting. not after i once again pull out a needle and drop stitches and somehow manage to make things so much worse when trying to fix it, that i have to bloody well unknit somewhere in the neighborhood of eight rows.

so, moving backwards instead of forwards for a bit here...

i m almost to the point where i can move in the correct direction again, but i am going to set it aside. i won't have the time to finish before monday morning, so they won't be on my feet for the trip, so i might as well wait until i am in a better modd to finally finish the cursed things.

18 september 2016 10 inches is a lot of stitches.

i did manage to fix the dropped stitches -- it wasn't nearly as bad as it looked.

and then i knit round and round and round for a while, and almost before i knew it, i was about a third of the way through the ribbing. i didn't even touch the blue thing, just let it sit there, all pretty and blue and started, while i gave my full attention to the sock.

and before i knew it, i was almost halfway up the leg. i might actually finish it at this point, which is a good thing. i have too much sock yarn stashed away to give up on them forever.

13 september 2016 dropped

i pulled a needle out of the sock.

and then dropped the sock and grabbed the sock and basically caused untold chaos with stitches dropping like stones and my fingers fumbling like christine michael in his first season and i just couldn't deal. so i put it away for the moment. and then, of course, i had an opportunity for some quality knitting time. et voila! i put that impulse buy to work right away.

i'm not using a pattern, just increasing along one edge for the moment. i might change that, or i might run with it through this first skein and then decrease along the edge with the other skein. look! it's a triangle!! or i could stop increasing at some point and make it more scarf/stole-like.

or i could randomly increase and decrease like a drunken sailor. so many options...

12 september 2016 oops

i went into the store just to keep the not-so-small child company as she grabbed a few cheap canvasses and a sketchbook and whatever else fell into her basket.

and then i saw gradient yarn and i lost my mind.

it is a wool/acrylic blend so it will wear well. and it was affordable. and i need a new blue shawl/scarf/keep-me-warm thing. and it is worsted weight so it will knit up fast.

but still, no excuse; i have a metric ton of yarn already and i am supposed to be yarn dieting. i shall now go sit in the corner and hang my head in shame [while squishing the new yarn].

11 september 2016 incentive

i have officially surpassed last year's total both for number of books and number of pages read.

so, i've decided to put my reading addiction to good use, bribing myself with reading time if i knit 10 rows.

working so far...

august 2016