green.girl knitting: commentary

21 november 2014 willow

i've been reading instead of knitting in the evenings; it happens like that sometimes. right now i have 15 library books in a happy little pile next to my bed, and i can't wait to work my way through them.

even so, there has been progress made on the willow cowl. i've made it through two lace sections and have started on the third.

i had an hour long conference call the other day, and for the period of time during which i did not have to talk or type, i started sewing up the bottom hem. it is pretty soothing in and of itself, the sewing, once you get it going -- meditative, even.

i can use meditative these days -- end of the year deadlines are looming ominously.

11 november 2014 found!

glory be to my mother!

she has entered the fray that is the small child's room and she has found the mittens.

the small child and i have an agreement -- i don't go into her room, but if she doesn't keep it at least soomewhat tidy, and doesn't routinely produce appropriate amounts of laundry, then i won't stop her grandmother from going into the room to 'help' out when the mood strikes. the mood struck, the mittens were found, all is good.

and i've finished binding off the shawl of never-ending bind-off. now ot find a plac eot block it, after i work back in the snags the rotten cat has created.

02 november 2014 mittens

why not mittens?

because once they are knit and handed over, they will be lost, as mittens are wont to be, and there will be no picture to prove there were ever two of them. a moment of silence, please.

october 2014