green.girl knitting: commentary

24 june 2017

hard to get it all in one picture without getting up, and i'm feeling particularly lazy this evening.

i have completed 14 bars, and there should be 4 or 5 more according to the pattern. i'm not sure i have enough yarn to do that many more but i will do as many as i can.

it won't be very big, though i'll block it as large as i can, but it will be colorful

14 june 2017

at 100+ stitches a row, it's getting harder to knockoff a 12 row repeat in the spaces of waiting i have.

but it does begin to look more shawl-like...

10 june 2017

the rare saturday night knitting; 12 more rows while catching up on fargo...

i've been reading rather than knitting in the evenings, and running errands, and it was a nice change to sit down with the yarn and the television. it really is as calming as reading, and lets me jettison the stress of the day. and there has been plenty to jettision of late, sadly.

i think i will try to get back in that mode, a little. maybe one or two nights a week.

07 june 2017

i'm doing one 12 row bar every time i pick it up.

at this rate, it will be finished...eventually

not too many more car knitting opportunities this school year; knit all your stitches while you may

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