green.girl knitting: commentary

29 june 2015 more blues

this is my yarn for Camp Loopy project 2.

it is kauni effektgarn [es] and while i have yet to decide for sure what pattern i will be knitting, i wanted this picture as a reminder. i don't know how well you can see it in this picture but there are puncture marks in the label.

the cat loves this yarn. loves, loves, loves it. hugs it like a bunny and head bumps it repeatedly. holds it to her belly so tightly, she makes holes in the label with her claws. crazy cat, it is going to be a challenge knitting with this when she is around.

26 june 2015 blue series 01

amazingly, i just about stuck to the schedule.

the picture is from earlier in the week, but today i finished the sixth square from the fourth skein. which makes for a complete series of the first set of blue yarns. i could have started on the next series, keeping up the two a day challenge, but i didn't.

why? it was hot and i was cranky. crocheting makes my shoulder hurt if i do too much of it. and just because. reasons enough, i suppose...

i will make more squares this summer just not this month. i promise.

16 june 2015 block party

last summer, i had a plan for a blanket.

and i made the first field of green, and bought blue yarn. and green yarn. and more blue yarn. and then i forgot about it. i still need more blue yarn and more green yarn, and probably more gray yarn, but i thought i should start working on it again, before it became a terminal ufo.

i amuse myself endlessly by setting up schedules that i know i will never adhere to, but what the heck. 2 squares a night for the rest of june should get me 30 squares. each skein yields six squares, so that would be five skeins, all done and gone. sounds like a plan.

and if i finish my second camp loopy project early, i can knock out even more squares the end of july. let's just hope i don't have another hospital waiting room in the future to help that goal along, i'd like to do it the old fashioned way next month, knitting like crazy at night and finishing at the last possible moment...

14 june 2015 done!

you know where you can get a lot of knitting done?

in a hospital waiting room.

even though i was there for hours, over a span of days, i am very relieved that it turns out my father had a minor pulmonary embolism, not a heart attack or other cardiac condition. a little blood thinner, and some to take for a while, after a battery of tests, and he is almost as good as new. and i have finished my first camp loopy project.

i was slightly off in my calculations and so only have three rows of holes across the top instead of four, but as there are three along the edges, i can totally deal. what i might not be able to deal with is the relative rigidity of the bind-off. i haven't snipped off the yard or so i have left [cut it pretty close!] in case i want to try something slightly more stretchy, that doesn't also require too much more yarn.

10 june 2015 the colors

i am so loving this colorway.

my bamboo needles? maybe not so much as i just noticed they are getting blacker by the stitch. i'm not noticing too much color on my fingers, though. strange...

in the bright sunlight, i really do see the chicken colors -- those rusty reds and bright oranges and even the light blue/greens. and i love how it looks in garter stitch, each bump standing out so perfectly. i'm even fond of the way the grays and blacks pool now and again, looking like chicken body while the colorful feathers flow around it.

i am more than halfway done if my math is correct so absolutely on track to finish before month's end. it is a rather mindless knit, which is what i need this summer, but it will look brilliant when it is all done.

04 june 2015 chickens

chickens have always been the source of many a family inside joke, and a series of family nicknames.

so, when the first assignment for camp loopy 2015 came out, it was somehow not the lions, nor tigers, nor even the bears that came to mind. it was the chickens. i've seen chickens all over the world -- north america, europe, africa, australia, asia -- and there's something quite lovely about an animal that is at once so mundane and so exotic.

"The Challenge for Project One - I Spy. When going on a Safari, you spy all kinds of cool things (animals, trees, birds, plants, etc.) What would you like to spy on your safari? Pick a yarn color or pattern that captures that. Your Project must use a minimum of 400 yards in a single project."

so, i went shopping and grabbed the yarn, blue moon fiber arts, socks that rock mediumweight, free range chickens [405 yards], then went browsing and found the pattern, trillian, then patiently waited until june to cast on.

i am going to have to monitor the yarn very closely, as the pattern calls for more than i have, and the challenge calls for almost exactly the amount i have.

may 2015