green.girl knitting: commentary

11 july 2014 a good start

i wanted a tropical themed pattern for the yarn, and i wanted a rectangular shawl.

so i settled on the palm fronds shawl. it's really nothing more than feather and fan, but i think it will look lovely when i block it out.

also looks lovely just as a scarf. might have to dwell on its final state -- stretched or not.

the four row pattern repeat requires little thinking and i can bust out those four rows in 15 minutes, even with distractions. hopefully, all those four row additions will add up to a finished project by the end of the month.

01 july 2014 glass breakwater

and now, project 2 for camp loopy: "The Challenge for Project Two - Find a project that reminds you of one of your favorite places to vacation or relax. It can be based on colors, regions, names, or however you'd like to interpret your love for that favorite place. This second project must have a minimum of 600 yards, used in one project."

this is a google maps view of a tiny little beach just north of the glass breakwaer on guam. it is one of my favorite places, and i spent many an afternoon there, alone or with just one friend. it was so quiet and was perfect when a little solitude was required.

and this is a quilt block made with scraps, the turquoise pieces, of my favorite sarong from that era. i wore it until it started falling apart, and then wore it a little longer.

so you can hopefully see how i saw this yarn, and knew right away it was the one. hedgehog fibres sock yarn in the color sea glass -- looks like my sarong, shares a name with my secret beach.

june 2014