green.girl knitting: commentary

08 september 2014 neverending

it will never end.

if it is the last thing i do, i will bind off this shawl.

first concert of the year at the middle school is in november, so i have to be done by then.

really, i have to.

07 september 2014 et voila!


in time!

and it is quite lovely!

off to the mama's to wish her a very happy birthday.

06 september 2014 blocking

knitting is done, now the real problem...

the cowl looks like a scarf, with a triangle point in the front, but it is knit in the round. and it is lace on the bottom, lace that needs to be blocked to really make it look like it should. i tried pinning it out flat, but just couldn't make that work.

so i stuffed a pillow in the middle of it and went to town. it is making the neck openng a little larger that i had envisioned, but at least the lace is looking good and proper.

04 september 2014 mama

the whole time i was crocheting the green squares, i was fretting about my mother.

her birthday is september 7, and she is easy to please, but doesn't really need much of anything. however, one can't simply not gift one's mother on her birthday, espcially when she is a pretty outstanding mother. she always appreciates hand knits, and she seems to catch a chill more often these days, so i wanted to whip up a little cowl out of some yarn that just screamed, "mama!" to me when i first saw it.

enter zuzu's petals.

i am going to have to knit every night to get this done in time.

02 september 2014 green-squared

and the final field of green.

i have a firm plan about this thing now, and i've already ordered yarn to make it happen. i am hoping if i have the yarn staring at me, i will be obliged to use it.

there will be a row of blue squares around the field of green; it will take the same number of blue squares as there are green. and like the greens, there will be four shades of blue, two lighter and two darker. then i will make three more of these blue and green panels, sew them all together, and edge in gray. in my head, it looks pretty good...

and if my math is correct, it will be big enough to make the husband happy.

august 2014