green.girl knitting: commentary

18 july 2016 sss

green skein successfully crocheted!

i wanted to whip out some more squares but i am fairly sure the yarn i am looking for is currently buried under a pile of things i don't want to deal with. so until i want to deal with said pile, it's on to the next thing.

which is a sock! i am going to kick this second sock syndrome issue if it is the last thing i do. not really, if it takes a year it takes a year. and it will still be done more quickly than the first.

all the toe increases are done so now it is round and round and round and round until i get to the heel. the heel for which i remember creating a voice memo so i'd be able to replicate the technique on the second sock. here's hoping i can find that.

12 july 2016 greens

i did find the sock, but i also found my bag of crocheted squares and decided to go that way, at least for a while.

it is hard to capture the actual color of this particular green -- it is not as fluorescent as the picture below, and brighter, more grass-like than the picture above.

in any event, i still remember how to make the squares and am able to do them without thinking too much so i will try to keep it up for several skeins worth. i am almost done with the six for this skein and need to scrounge up a skein of the blue, for a little variety.

and maybe, just maybe, i will cast on that second sock so there is a chance of it being completed before sock weather arrives...

june 2016