green.girl knitting: commentary

31 august 2015 halfway

i took just one knitting project with me on the cruise.

while cleaning before we left, i found three balls of knitpicks fingering merino in the fly-fishing colorway. i have no memory of buying it, nor the pattern for which it was intended, so i grabbed the first shawl pattern i had in my box of make-it-one-days, and stuffed it into my luggage.

this is multnomah, through one skein. the pattern as written would take two skeins, but i'll just keep feather-and-fanning through the third skein to make it big enough to be useful. i took this picture in the explorers lounge aboard the msAmsterdam. we spent most evenings here, j reading while i knit, looking at the scenery and the water. it was perfectly lovely.

also lovely was the discovery of a knitting shop in each of our alaskan stops. while i was set to stick to my no-new-yarn resolution, my daughter pointed out gifts didn't count and she insisted on buying me this very lovely skein of yarn. the colorway is totem, so it will be a great reminder of our visit.

22 august 2015 done!

my mother is a very generous woman, as is my sister.

thanks to the former, we'll be heading out on an alaskan cruise tomorrow, with spending money for an excursion provided by the latter. we are so blessed and so excited!

but it did mean i had to double time it on the squares as i didn't want to be stressing out finishing them, and assembling them, while on the boat. who knows if i will have the time or inclination? or even the ability if i can't keep my motion sickness under control, though i'm taking seabands, bonine, dramamine and various forms of ginger; it is a veritable arsenal.

as soon as i finished the squares, i started with the assembly, taking advantage of any spare minutes to sew another seam.

it is quite large! and heavier than i thought it would be. it covers about 2/3 of our dining room table, and it is too hot to put on my lap what with the never-ending heat of august this year.

it might stay in this incarnation, or it might decide it wants to be part of the larger blanket plan. i'll let it sit for a bit before deciding to leave it, and add a border, or incorporate it either as is or in a different configuration.

09 august 2015 3X6

apparently i am going to do all the blues, then the greens.

i left it up to chance, reaching into the box and blindly grabbing the next skein, and it was blue. so, there you have it. and as long as i have three blues, i am going for the matched set. then on to greens!

there aren't going to be many interesting updates here until all the squares are done. just lots of squares. square after square after square until i have 48 of them.

04 august 2015 squaring

i don't usually craft after midnight.

but circumstances were such that i was at denny's at 1:09 on the morning of august 1. so why wouldn't i start my loopy ewe camp project? i almost made it through one full square before we left, so successful use of otherwise dead time. huzzah!

i'm sure it won't last, but right now i am crocheting 3 squares a day. i knew i could easily manage 2 a day, but i am a little surprised 3 doesn't seem to be unreasonable. of course, it has been an uncharacteristically quiet time in my life, so no doubt i will be scrambling at some point.

the one thing i am doing to help ensure i keep the momentum, is never ending with a finished square. as soon as i finish one, i start another and get at least the first round done. then i can pick it up and add to it whenever i have a few minutes.

i haven't yet decided if i should keep with this skein by skein, blues then greens, thing, or if i should mix it up a little, making one of each color so i can start playing with layouts.

july 2015