green.girl knitting: commentary

27 december 2016 gifted

finished calmly and quietly on the 23rd!

but it was in the evening so pictures suffer from the harsh led light that lights my world when light is needed. obviously, i decided the single leaf was all that was needed -- i think more would have overwhelmed the cowl; sometimes simple is best. and the mama is quite pleased to have something to keep both her neck and chest warm on the really cold days. hopefully there are still a few to pop up this winter so it gets a proper use.

i was afraid it wouldn't make it over anyone's head after i stitched it up, but it is remarkably stretchy and it not only clears my mama's head, but even my much larger one.

this was a very quick and mindless knit and i might just need to make one for myself. i'll definitely keep it in the gift knitting arsenal for a those people living in places with winter.

20 december 2016 embellishment

the knitting of the cowl body is done.

i bound off using i-cord, so the end that won't be sewn down will match the long edges. and now, a little something to make it slightly more interesting.

trying to decide if a single leaf is going to do it, or if there needs to be a little more.

16 december 2016 up next

i'm going to do the sock thing again.

but on two circular needles this time.

i have the worst luck with blue moon socks that rock [this colorway is rings of glory]. this skein had one knot, and then snapped in another place while winding it into a center pull ball. so annoying. i've already knotted it back together using the invisible knot technique, figuring i can just knit through it, but it seems i am destined to have holey socks from blue moon; my last pair sprang holes from day one.

probably should stop buying it...

14 december 2016 living large

some better pictures of the blue striped wonderfulness.

i really love this shawl -- it is comfy cozy and also so very blue! i don't really have a lot of blue scarf/shawl/sweater action.

i randomly threw in bars of [YO K2Tog] X 10, just to add a little something interesting and something to get my fingers caught in when i am messing with it. because awkwardly tangling with my clothing is pretty much a given these days.

simple shawls are very appealing to me at the moment. i love the look of lace, but being able to knit without thinking too much about the whole maneuver is where it's at for me right now.

11 december 2016 quickly

my parents are a right proper pain to shop for.

my father is especially hard, so this year, against all my better instincts, he gets gift cards. but as they are for a high-end steak house, i don't feel that badly about it -- who doesn't like expensive meat! i know he does. my mother is a little easier -- i can always ply her with knitted goods.

behold! the beginning of a simple cowl. this pattern sticks close to the neck, so it should get a lot of use as she is always cold about the neck and shoulders this time of year.

04 december 2016 tiny

a woman i work with is going to have her first child in february.

and so, there must be at least a little knitting.

this is most of a tiny bonnet, needing only some sort of ties - can't decide yet what they will be. it knit up as quickly as advertised [the 2 hour bonnet or some such] and as the baby shower isn't until next year, i am ahead of schedule. which means i will be frantically knitting i-cord the night before the shower, if i run true to form.

looks to be enough yarn left for a pair of booties as well, if i decide i like her well enough to give her a matching set.

november 2016