green.girl knitting: commentary

12 january 2015 detour

so of course, instead of resolutely picking up the old projects, i cast on a new one.

i do have an excuse, sort of. i was cleaning out a box of stuff and found two skeins of 6-ply sock yarn. and since i absoutely did not want another set of socks on the needles, and i did not want to find a place for it in the stash, the next best thing seemed to be using it up as soon as possible.

therefore, we have the beginnings of a sockhead hat.

i love green, and even though i don't wear hats often, i might keep this one for myself if the kid doesn't steal it; i am helpless in the face of her wanting things i've knit...

07 january 2015 finishing

there are things hanging around that i just bloody well need to finish; i'm not much for resolutions, but this may be pretty close to one.

single sock: it took me over a year to knit the first sock, which is ridiculous. i need to figure out how many stitches i started with and the rate of increase and then go to town. luckily, i was trying a new heel and i made a voice recording of what i was doing, so i should be able to get through that part with little trouble.

ms santos' shawl: it is finally bound-off, and i have worked back in at least one of the snags that the cat thought might be a creative touch. my parents' are heading out of town later this winter, and i will use the opportunity to commander their carpeted floor and block the silly thing.

i just noticed there is still the mother of all snags left to work through. hopefully i'll find the time and the patience to deal with it before the blocking commences.

blue blocks for the fullbed afghan: this is a long-term project, but that's the sort of thing that easily gets lost in the shuffle. i need to make at least one or two squares a week to keep the momentum going.

sophia's marvelous hooded scarf: this stalled mostly due to a lack of imagination in my part -- how to get it close to what she wanted. but i think i have a plan. best to get right on this one so it is done before the avengers movie this spring. now, to find it; i put it out of the way to make room for christmas, and i'm not sure where it ended up...

03 january 2015 6/8

and the other skein has found its future!

this is a modified urchin hat, knit on larger needles, because that is what i had, and less yarn, because that is also what i had. it was so much fun to knit, however, that i am bound and determined to make it again properly, once i unearth another skein of bulky yarn and some smaller needles.

instead of the eight wedges called for, i knit only six and ended with less than a yard of yarn left. perfect! and the fit is perfect as well, much better on me than on the bear. and now i have a lovely coordinated set, in case we actually have some winter weather here this year.

01 january 2015 start as you will go

today there was some cleaning, some reading and some knitting, along with a lot of time spent with my family; these are all things i hope to spend quality time on in 2015.

the knitting involved completing the pair of super bulky fingerless mitts i started in december. i had 2 skeins of loops and threads cozy wool and i needed to raid two rounds and a thumbs worth from the second skein.

they are very soft and very warm, and indeed, very bulky. i don't know that i can wear them unless it is quite cold outside as they are too thick to wear while doing much of anything that requires actual use of the fingers.

now to find something to do with the other skein...

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