green.girl knitting: commentary

28 february 2015 round and round

so close.

i really should bang this out, but i keep forgetting i even have it on the needles. those nine inches of stockinette seem to be taking an inordinately long time.

07 february 2015 second semester

the loopy ewe has announced the second semester of freshman year at the loopy academy!

so, naturally, there was yarn purchased so i can continue my education. this semester is focused on techniques. i am using it to hopefully get ahead in the gifting game. christmas and birthdays always seem to zoom up so rapidly these days.

1. Striping - knit a project that has stripes somewhere in the design. (Not self-striping yarn.)

i think these three balls of cascade superwash sport [black, charcoal and mint] will be a wurm hat. probably for my daughter, as she is all about wearing the hats after she showers, in an attempt to tame the crazy hair.

2. Felting/Fulling - knit and felt/full a project of your choice.

these two balls of cascade 220 [stratosphere] will be a pair of fuzzy feet. for me. maybe. i always feel a little guilty when i knit something for myself, but i would wear them all the time -- my feet are always cold at night and i find i sleep better if my feet are warm and toasty.

3. Slipped Stitches - knit a project that includes slipped stitches in the pattern.

and finally, these two balls of madeline tosh dk [envy] will be a honey cowl. i've had the pattern bookmarked forever and this seems like a perfect time to finally make one. i'm not yet sure who this will be for, i have several people in mind who might like it and for whom the colors are a good match. the skeins do look as though they are from wildly different dye lots, though, so i'll have to use them both at the same time, alternating every two rows.

01 february 2015 can't

i finally blocked the doomed shawl, after working all the snags back in as best i could.

and as best i could is a total failure. i can't give this as a gift. it would make me crazy knowing it was out there with these two very obvious issues, ad at least one smaller one. it looks like a train has rammed through it, throwing off sparks. or just a poorly knit shawl.

so, i have shoved it into a bag, where it can sleep quietly until i decide what to do with it. maybe i can wear it myself, hiding the fault with strategic drapings. or maybe give it to someone who is not fussy. or give it to the cat to shred to her little black heart's content.

and i have to find more yarn and most likely a different pattern. i bloody well will knit Ms Santos a shawl -- even if she gets it years after my daughter has left her choir.

january 2015