green.girl knitting: commentary

23 september 2015 swamped

the downside of taking a vacation is returning from the vacation.

i haven't a moment to myself, what with all the catching up at the office [still no light at the end of the tunnel], the ongoing downsizing of the household belongings, and the general hustle and bustle of ordinary life. which is all a very long way of saying, i haven't much time to knit.

a pity, that. but there have been a few moments and i've kept at the multnomah shawl. i am halfway through the second skein, and have gotten to the point where i can add an extra repeat of the feather and fan. i am wildly ambivalent about this colorway -- some days i really don't like it, but some days i think it is a nice mix of seahawks and the earth.

this unassuming little square has caused me no end of trouble and frustration. it is the beginning of a baby blanket and both the circular cast-on and the subsequent start of the cabling combined with yarn-over increases have caused me to rip out this thing at least four times.

i think it is under control now, and almost ready to move to a circular needle which may or may not make it all easier. i don't have a pattern for it, am just trying to make what i see in my head, putting together a piece from here and a chart from there. hopefully it turns out well, as the mother-to-be is one of the nicest people i know.

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