green.girl knitting: commentary

28 march 2014 out of season

sometimes, i buy yarn just because i've read a description and it sounds lovely.

so, even though winter is long gone in my neck of the woods, i found myself with 3 skeins of plymouth baby alpaca magna in a lovely quartz grey. and i had the need to use it, immediately. so i grabbed some size 17 needles and went to town.

it is so soft! and so heavy! but it is going to be so comfy-cozy next winter. i am already hoping for a blizzard, just so i can justify making it. though i don't suppose i need to justify anything about knitting; knitting is inherently good, right? i had thought i would make the whole thing out of linen stitch, but it really was too dense and too compact. so, linen stitch border!

another hour or so, and it will be done. bulky yarn and big needles for the instant gratification win! and before i forget, a picture of the turned heel. best heel, with fewest gaps, i've ever knit. now i just need to finish it. and its mate. the yearlong sock project...

and now, i really must commence knitting on the shawl for s's choir director...

13 march 2014 turn, turn, turn

the not-so-small child had talent show rehearsal tonight, and i didn't feel like driving back and forth from home to school to home to school to home.

so, i sat in the parking lot and started turning the heel of the sock. i used the shadow-wrap method this time, and i am fairly sure i love it.

more pictures later, when it is done.

february 2014