green.girl knitting: commentary

31 may 2017

s l o w knitting month.

work has been beyond crazy. so crazy it has made me cry at times. which probably means i should knit more, rather than less, but i just can't make myself do much of anything. i am still reading, the great escape, so at least i am not a total vegetable.

i did throw the shawl back into my work backpack, and i picked it up the other day while waiting for the child to get out of school. never have i felt so ambivalent about a knit. i think i am starting to like it more--as the chaos of color spreads it somehow becomes more cohesive and less chaotic, but it still reminds me of a mexican blanket run through a blender.

this time my sister commented, "it's campy." hmmm...

17 may 2017

i can't tell if the colors are growing on me with each row, or irritating me more.

in any event, i think i'll just keep at it, knitting a repeat whenever i run into it, or have some time to fill. and once it is a shawl, i can decide if i keep it or gift it to someone who woould appreciate it more than i.

my sister commented, "it is retro funk." like some weird bruno mars remix...

april 2017