green.girl knitting: commentary

30 october 2015 eventually...

sooner or later, i will finish something.

but it won't be this month. might be next week, though, if things go according to plan. i am more than halfway through the final skein of the yarn for the shawl. i reckon i have maybe three or four more repeats and then it will be all over but the weaving in of ends and the blocking.

and this should be done next month as well. i am about fifty stitches away from finishing the first of three skeins. i really need to find a longer needle, or break down and buy one, even though i know perfectly well there are other, longer, size 9 needles in this house.

and i need to decide how to deal with changing skeins -- hide it in the cable? see how much a knot shows?

then i really need to jump on the second baby blanket i'll need. as well as something i want to make for my sister for christmas. and that stupid second sock that still haunts me. i need new socks. i just washed all the old ones and most of them have seen better days.

september 2015