green.girl knitting: commentary

30 march 2017 3

and we are on to phase three.

this bit here? the last chart, the one with a 3 stitch pattern? this is the one i keep losing track of. 3 is not the magic number at the moment...

i'm sure it will stick soon enough, probably just about when i am ready to bind off.

29 march 2017

section 2 done!

and i've decreased by half the number of stitches in each row!! again!!!

since i am so close to finishing, i've been entertaining the idea of new knitting. i have this strange urge to knit shawls for the three remaining members of the sixth grade choir -- those who have been with it from the beginning and never faltered: sophia, carolyn and isabella.

this is a nice mix of the school colors from their middle school [blue and black] and high school [purple and gold]. sophia thinks i am crazy but i just can't shake the idea.

28 march 2017

1/2 way through the last 1/3.

which, if my elementary school math is correct, means 5/6 done with section 2. cruising right along...

27 march 2017

watching the great british bake off and knitting away my craving for bread.

the second section is now 2/3 complete and i remain bread-free, though mostly because there is no bread, nor bread like substitute, easily available in the household.

i am rather liking this show. finally, something else on netflix i really want to watch. i'm rooting for martha, the 17 year old, but i am resigned to her being booted off eventually.

25 march 2017

i brought home a metric tonne of work for this evening.

but...forgot the power cord for my work laptop at the office. so instead of working, i knit. about 1/3 of the way through the second section now.

it's hard to get a goood picture of both the color and the lacework in my dimly lit front room.

in real life, in natural light, it is quite beautiful.

24 march 2017

just halved my stitch count with a whole lot of decreases.

i attached the second skein and can see i will have quite a bit of yarn left over. maybe i will make some matching gauntlets or something. or a beret. i'll check with the small child as to what she'd prefer.

now, to memorize a new chart...

22 march 2017

pretty close. think i'll finish off this skein then move to a new section with the new skein.

19 march 2017

the purple needle marks where the pattern would have had the feather section end.

if we were a family of small people, this would be fine, but as we are a family of giants, i almost aways need to add some length or width in one way or another.

i think a few more rows yet...

18 march 2017

feathers are almost long enough.

i'm not exactly how long that is, pretty sure i'll know it when i see it. now, if the post office would just deliver the second skein, i'd be golden.

17 march 2017

all is well.

new needle found, escaped stitches captured, three new rows knit.

i knit very tightly, so disasters like this are usually hard to get back on the needles without having to drop down 3 or 4 rows. no idea why this one behaved so nicely, but i am not looking gift knitting in the mouth.

i also need to remember to check the photos' aspects when batch resizing. sorry about the sideways shots this months.

16 march 2017


knitting disaster, my circular needle just snapped where it connects to the needle.

about 50 stitches are flying free and i don't have a spare needle with me.

must not hyperventilate. deep breaths. peace and calm.

15 march 2017

knitting at the conference: it keeps me alert and also productive!

and it is amazing how many people come up to me, commenting they should have brought theirs along with them. we could probably take over a whole section of the room with knitters and crocheters.

i have decided after finishing the feathers as written, they need to be longer. so, another skein was ordered and i'll keep zooming along on this chart.

[yes, that is a squrrel on my dress. the last day always gets something a little more casual and funky in the attire]

14 march 2017

hotel shawl blocking, night two. the moon is made of green wool...

i lost interest in this whole maneuver about halfwy through, so it is not a blocked as i would like. it will do for now, but this too will probably need a different blocking the next time i get around to it.

will probably need a bigger bed, too.

13 march 2017

the real reason knitters ask for 2 queen beds when traveling alone: shawl blocking opportunity.

these two will be dry in the morning, so i can do another tomorrow night.

just can't get a good picture -- with curtains open, curtains closed, flash on, flash off.

no matter, everyone has seen shawls blocking before.

the darker shawl should have had a long curve, but i decided instead to give it some points. because i can. i can always block it differently next time.

12 march 2017

that stupid moment when you are not quite awake at the airport and you knit an entire row when you should have purled.

think i'll fix and redo a little later in the day...

08 march 2017

slightly longer feathers.

at 297 stitches per row and hands that can't do more than 2 or 3 rows at a time without paying for it the next day, it's slow going.

i'm loving the way the colors play--no rampant pooling as yet. too bad the sparkles don't really show up in the photos.

01 march 2017

starting to look a little feathery.

or a little pointy. either way, at least it is starting to like knitting instead of just yarn wrapped around a needle.

february 2017