green.girl knitting: commentary

28 february 2018

a slightly better idea of how big it is now.

or as good of an idea as you can get stretching out a piece of knitting in the front seat of a car.

the rows are really getting too long to make for good car knittng. i need to find a way to carve out some home knitting time, but the work schedule, she is an especially harsh mistress of late.

that bottom edge, in reality the top edge, is curling up a storm; it will need a mighty blocking.

26 february 2018

over 300 stitches per row now; 14 and a bind-off to go

it's always the last rows that kill you. i always thought bottom up construction might be better, working shorter and shorter rows as you went along. but it still seemed like the last rows took forever when i finally knit one.

it's just project fatigue, i fear.

24 february 2018

i wasn't able to find even a minute to knit in the past week.

so, i made up for some of it today, pausing only to watch the men's curling gold medal match--holy cow! what an excellent run by the americans.

1/3 of the way through section B.

15 february 2018

another 1/2 row and i'd be done with chart A, but i just cannot make myself deal with the rest of the 3sw2 smocking stitches tonight.

it is not a difficult stitch, but it's a bit fiddly. and it never seems as though i get the wrap tight enough. i'm betting it will come right when it is done and blocked but right now, it is kind of annoying me.

14 february 2018

i'd been looking forward to row 12 of this chart with its weird little smocking stitch.

it's fairly awkward but not terribly difficult.

i get to practice it again in 6 more rows and i'm hoping i will find the rhythm that will make it go more qujickly.

it starts to show up with some frequency from this point onward, so we'll get to be good friends.

12 february 2018

it begins to look just a little bit lacy...

10 february 2018

a few rows of lace. and another new set of needles.

just trying out all my new number 7s; these are indian lake artisans maple circulars.

they are hexagonal, and so far they seem less grippy than the bamboo, but more than the metal. kind of a nice in-between.

07 february 2018

started both the lace, albeit just two rows, and a new book, my tenth (i think) of the year.

there will never be enough time in the world for all the knitting and reading i want to do. i'm trying to lern the art of not finishing books i don't enjoy, but it is hard.

06 february 2018

the question becomes, now i have knit 68 rows of stockinette, do i reward myself with the lace, or do i knit the second and third shawls up to row 68 each and then have nothing but lacy fun until all three are done?

04 february 2018

snuck in ten more rows between working entirely too many night and weekend hours. should finally hit the lace later this week. and i switched needles!

01 february 2018

zipped past the next increase row: 197 stitches now, heading towards 229, where the fun begins. 16 more rows...

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