green.girl knitting: commentary

21 march 2015 second starts

because i have the attention span of a gnat lately, and the free time of something that has no free time, i've been sort of hit and miss about really getting the knitting projects underway.

while in san diego, i cast-on for two of the three loopy ewe projects: the wurm hat and the honey cowl. i figured the former would be pretty mindless and the second would be good for when i could pay a little more attention to what i was doing.

and that was sort of true. knitting the brim of the wurm hat is indeed mindless, only needing to keep track of the number of rows so you get the turning row in and stop on time. but then came the bit where you join the cast-on edge to the live stitches, making a double thick band. trying to pick up each stitch off the edge at the time of knitting the live stitches did nothing but give me fits. as did trying to just pick up the stitches straight onto a second needle -- couldn't seem to get the right count or even pick up the right part of the stitch. it wasn't until i picked up and knit along the entire edge using the second color, and then knit the two needles together, that it all came together. but come together it did. finally.

for whatever reason, okay, mostly for the reason that i apparently cannot count, the honey cowl hasn't been so mindless. the knit rows aren't a problem, it's the slip 1, purl 1 rows i keep messing up. mostly by slipping 2 or purling 2 and not noticing for a while and then having to unknit back to the mistake. all the time. i really need to pay a lot more attention that i had imagined, i suppose...

18 march 2015 done

i did finish the hat while in san diego.

sadly, even though it looks darling on her, she is not terribly keen on it. she can't say why, it just isn't her thing at the moment. the good news? it also looks darling on me and i really love it.

so it's mine.

february 2015