green.girl knitting: commentary

29 november 2017

the great 2017 yarn dig did not surface the correct color of green.

i couldn't find the label either, so i was afraid of ordering the wrong green -- you can't really get a true sense from a picture on a computer if it is a match or not. so, brick and mortar it was, and luckily, i found the right color by holding the existing mitt up to all the greens in the cascade 200 superwash section: loden green.

all done but for weaving in the ends and blocking.

08 november 2017

entirely too big, even for my big hands. rip it, rip it good!

i cast on the same number of stitches as i had for the green mitts, but i'll have to try again later with fewer, or a different pattern. this pattern, though, seems like it might meet the lacy needs of the child; once i relocate the blue yarn and smaller needles, i'll give that a go.

after the rip, the larger needles were free to start the second green mitt, as the child has approved of green mitt number one. and so, green mitt number two is full steam ahead. or at least until i run out of yarn, which i am 90% sure is going to happen.

i think i might have more of this color but it might be temporarily inaccessible; i'll have to do a little digging.

01 november 2017

sometimes, i knit during meetings, especially those threatening to be entirely boring, or, more importantly, those in which it behooves me to keep my mouth shut.

and then you have a moment of tongue-biting and irritation and you somehow skip a needle when binding off...

eventually, i recovered from the stupidity and finished the first green mitt. as i am now waiting for the child's approval before casting on its mate, i started a different pair, testing out a mesh pattern that could be used when i reknit her sparkly blue pair. these might actually be for me!

interesting how different the greens look between pictures taken inside under fluorescents and outside in the afternoon sun. the true color is somewhere in the middle, a nice bright green.

october 2017